For Business Owners

Legacy Matters

As a business owner, your business is your reputation and your legacy. Coming from a 4th generation family business that has weathered the test of time, we understand the power of trust, reputation and long-term vision. We understand that putting your business in the “right hands” can secure your legacy with your suppliers, employees and customers. Our mission is to preserve your legacy and to continue to build on the foundation that you built.


Devotion, Hard Work, Commitment and Pride

Our goal is to purchase only ONE business and fully devote ourselves to its day-to-day management. We grew up in a factory driving a forklift, fulfilling orders and stocking shelves. We know what it means to get our hands dirty and we take pride in what we do.

Opportunity for Effective Transition

Many business owners believe there only  have three options of how to transition – sell to a competitor, sell to a strategic, or sell to a private equity firm. You have a fourth attractive option – to sell to an entrepreneur who will infuse the business with new energy, passion and capital.

Sell to a Competitor

Why give your business to the person you have been competing with your whole career?

 Sell to a Strategic

Your business will be integrated into a larger corporation, many loyal employees will lose their jobs and your business will lose its  independent identity

 Sell to Private Equity

Your business will become a portfolio company with a long distance fly-in management team. Within a few years your business will either be “flipped,” “rolled up,” “exited” or resold.

 Sell to New Concord Capital

Your business will become an entrepreneur’s sole focus and commitment. We will be fully involved investor-operators managing the business and continuing the legacy that you built.